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Sketches (uncolored/uninked)
This is just for pure, raw sketches. No inking, no coloring, none of that. Now...the lowest price being 10 dollars, this'll be if I trace/reference a base for the picture. If it's free hand, that'll be 5 :points: more. (so you'd need to use the donation feature)
Sassy Potato by Bella-Swan-Fan Me as an Irken by Bella-Swan-Fan StrawBella Hyoooooman form by Bella-Swan-Fan
Sketches (inked and/or colored)
SNK OC: highschool Prom au (darkened) by Bella-Swan-Fan {UTAU} Michiko: Love is War/Koi Wa Sensou by Bella-Swan-Fan UTAU: Tsumi to Batsu - Chelleyloid by Bella-Swan-Fan
If you want the picture inked, that's 20 :points: and colored, 25 :points:. (you'll need the donation feature) ^-^ I only have one inked example since I usually color them afterwards.
Poetry and One-shots
Okay so the prices for this will kinda vary so pay attention okay?
For a one-shot fanfiction it's 10 :points:
Shingeki no Feels: Tragic NewsThe sun set upon the walls, signalling the end of a woeful day. The expedition had brought forth the loss of the Survey Corps' best soldiers; Levi's squad. The words of Petra's father still rang throughout Levi's head. 
"...she mentioned that you respected her abilities enough to let her join your squad. She was going to devote herself to you...I was thinking it was probably too early for me to insist she get married, you know...she's still too young and has her whole life ahead of her so..."
"Has her whole life ahead of her..." Levi muttered to himself, repeating the words that had just resounded in his mind. He bit at his lip, tightly closing his eyes while trying to maintain his stoic composure. He was by himself, riding on horseback along the streets of Petra's home town. He carried nothing with him, not a letter or anything. Just himself. He remained in his uniform and harness, cape excluded. He opened his eyes once more to ensure he could see where he was goin

For a rhyming poem it's 10 :points:
RealityReality would be the death of me
A place I'd prefer to never be
For in real life, I am not accepted
I would rather not exist where my kind is rejected
I know that I'm not one of them
I'm reminded of it now and again
And the more I am reminded of this
The more I choose not to exist
Maybe someday I'll emerge
I'll spread my wings like a majestic bird
But I choose only to exist in imagination
If you can see me I am but of your mind's creation
I am quite the unusual girl
I do not exist in your so-called "real world"
When remembering me, just think of this
I was always the girl who just did not exist

For a freestyle poem that does not rhyme, that would be 20 :points: (of course you shall need the donation feature) (I don't have any examples for this because I rarely if ever write them but I CAN make exceptions of ourse)

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Still not used to the whole status function, but ummm.....yeah hi. Goodness, this is becoming less of an art site and more of a general social media site.
I was Marco for Halloween! by Bella-Swan-Fan
I was Marco for Halloween!
So I have a Levi wig that looks absolutely nothing like Levi. As a matter of fact, I figured it was better suited for Marco. So there ya have it, my Marco Bodt cosplay for Halloween. :iconmarco-bodtplz:

I own nothing but my face. And the picture. Eeeeyup.

Feeling Pretty by Bella-Swan-Fan
Feeling Pretty
I did my hair and makeup yesterday and just felt so girly and cute! It's been a while since I've shared a selfie or anything so yeah, here I am.
I’m sorry….Dad, I’m so sorry…

Eren thought these words to himself, tears welling in his eyes and spilling over before he could even think to attempt holding them back. His hands were clenched into fists tight enough to break the skin with his nails, knuckles white. He always wondered where his father had gone. Why he’d been left to fend for himself. When his dad would return and show him the way. When his dad would return to finally show him whatever was in that basement.

But then the memories all came flooding back to him. All at once, like a tidal wave and he was drowning deep within the salty water.
"I killed him" he whispered, finding himself curling into a fetal position, the pain in his chest feeling as if his heart was literally breaking. "I killed him, I’m a monster" his voice cracked as he spoke those words, wishing desperately that he had a blade or something, anything to put him out of his misery. To punish himself for what he’d done.

Grisha knew that the moment he’d injected his son with the titan gene, he’d lose control. He knew that the very moment that needle went into his skin, those would be his last moments. But still, he went through with it as a means to provide his son with the strength to survive and help deliver humanity from the grasp of the titans. Tears rushed down his face as he injected the needle into Eren’s skin, speaking what would essentially be his final words.

Eren remembered it all. Every single thing and it hurt. It hurt worse than any titan bite, worse than any fall from the gear, even worse than being impaled through the heart by the shards of jagged wood from the collapsed ceiling he’d been lying under on the day of Annie’s capture. Both of his parents were gone from him. Armin and Mikasa were all he had left. They were all each other had now and the realization hit him like a ton of bricks.

He was lost, motivation and will to life having all drained from him. All he wanted was for it all to end. To lie down and allow the sweet embrace of death to find him and take him where he’d no longer feel so alone. Now, he’d give anything to be devoured by one of those foul beasts that beforehand, he so badly wanted to eliminate.
I should be dead…I’ve cheated it far too many times already. I just wanna die. Eren whimpered, sighing a shivery sigh. His mother had died right before his eyes by the hand of a titan, his father perished by the hand of a titan…histitan, by all means why not finish off the last of the Jaeger family the same way?

I don’t deserve to be alive. I don’t have that right…

Screams ripped from the boy’s throat, one of pure anguish and despair. Regret, sadness, anger, fear, pain both physical and emotional. Most of all, hatred. Hatred for nothing and no one but himself. He shivered and convulsed violently, emotions overwhelming him.
Somebody kill me, I just wanna die!

Shingeki no Feels: I Killed Him
So basically chapter 62 tore me up. If you're not caught up I suggest you don't read this!!!


Bella-Swan-Fan has started a donation pool!
41 / 4,500
Hey guys! Please please please help me reach my goal, I'd love to do commissions for you guys so doing this for me would be AMAZING. I have commissions open so feel free to request something if you like what ya see. Thank you~

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Crystal Mikii
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
(profile image made by :iconneekox3: )
Hello. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Michelle though I would prefer if you called me Mikii. I am an artist I suppose though I am not very great. I do a variety of things. I draw, write(stories, poems, and songs), do MMD, and other things. Though what I really wish I could share is my singing as I am most proud of that.
I love Vocaloid, Hetalia and Black Butler, as well as Invader Zim, Danny Phantom, and My Little Pony. If there is anything else you wish to know then please comment or note me. :3


You are a Clueless Uke!

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Most compatible with: Opportunist Seme, Romantic Seme

Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Don't Fuck With Me Seme

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